Conflict is very stressful….
Mediation offers a fast, low-cost, empowering, non-adversarial alternative to litigation.

Mission Statement

D.C.R. (Dispute & Conflict Resolution) Mediation Services is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses resolve conflict and move forward in their lives by providing caring, accurate, thorough and creative mediation services.

We strive to treat our clients, other professionals, and each other with dignity and consideration through cooperation and communication.

Our vision is to create a work environment for our firm that is peaceful and supportive while providing balanced and secure lives for ourselves and empowering us to better serve our clients.

My Mediation Philosophy

I believe in the right of the parties to control the mediation process as well as the ultimate results. Control of the process includes the right of the parties to work with the mediator who meets their needs, whether that need is for facilitation of communication, for reality testing, for evaluation of a case’s merit, or any combination of these.